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The 5th Graduation at the Sapientia University June 28, 2009

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Everybody was surprised after the first rumours, that it will be a hungarian university in this little town. A lot of people have doubted: in this town?  In 2000 the news has been verified: the Board of Trustees of the Sapientia Foundation founded by the eight leaders of the Hungarian Historic Churches in Transylvania decided to establish the Hungarian University of Transylvania. It is open to qualified students of any nationality who meet admissions requirements.

Nowadays the  Sapientia -“Sapi”- has its traditions, like the graduation, what’s mood is unique in the univerities’s circles.

It doesn’t need words just relax and look on the following photos:

  • First step is the ecumenical worship for the all last-year-students, in the church at Csíksomlyó. It’s a beautiful procession in ethnical clothes. Look!
    First steps from the University

All students wear  theire locations’ ethnical clothesCsík-Chair‘s skirt and vest is  vertically striped with red and black colours. The apron is simply or embroideried with flower  or jaggy, like the shirt’s collar and coff. For it come the regular hard-stemmed szekler boots. The boys are wearing minimal-decorated  szekler tights (a kind of throuser) with szekler shirt and -black vest.

The traditionaly group-photo (my class) -Romanian&English Language&Literature

The traditionaly group-photo (my class) -Romanian&English Language&Literature Faculty-

Ecumenical Mission

Ecumenical Mission

This ecumenical mission is unique, other universities haven’t any.

The graduation’s last step, like at other universities, is the diploma delivery, with guests like the town’s mayor Kálmán Ráduly-Róbert, Hargita county’s mayor, Csaba Borboly and the institute’s leaders. Everybody in togas and hat-it was a non-recurring experience.

Walking to the Community Center with a bell-ring

Walking to the Community Center with a bell-ring


More graduation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K4AiIzNAE8

Csíkszereda became a real university-city, with students from Szeklerland, especially from Hargita count.

This Graduation, what I mentioned,  was our holiday, but the rest, the  difficult part is still away …the licenss….But everybody has her path!


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