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Life in the Winter -wintersports June 28, 2009

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Being the coldest part of the country, and beign at the bottom of the mountains, Csíkszereda is popular in its winter-life. I meen, that if You are going to come in winter, I am sure that You won’t be bored. -I’m 100% sure!!! After a stressful, busy working week in a noisy, “dusty” town – the ideal place to have a “well-deserved” rest is Harghita -my opinion- is the ski-runs.

We usually spend our weekends on Hargitafürdő, 19 km far from the town, on the mountain. It’s a little location, mostly with weekend-houses, but the most important -especially for me- there are 3 ski-runs. Don’t be frightened! There are ski-runs with different difficulties: from the beginner to advance, also You may have lessons. If You are not intrested in the skiing,You can sledge, or if You have cold, there are a lot of  rest where You can drink a hot tea or wine 🙂 I f You spend your freetime in Hargitafürdő, You can find easily different accomodations.

Near the entertainment I want to mention, that the best sport-men and -women of Romania are from Csíkszereda. For example the sport athletes Éva Tófalvi (biathlon) and Edit Miklós (alpine ski- downhill). Two girls  with talent and huge will-power -I love them!

Éva Tófalvi

Éva Tófalvi

Edit Miklós
Edit Miklós
The beginner ski-run, Csipike

The beginner ski-run, Csipike

In the town you can ice-skating   -if You like it. In this town the most popular sport  is the ice-hockey, Csíkszereda is the hocky’s home, we have an advanced skating-ring with Romania’s best hocky-team. Thise team has its history: the team under the name Csiki Sport Club‘ appeared firstly in 1935, with the official white-blue dresses -the rest is sport-history and statistics.

Also It deserves the mention the younger ice-hockey club, the Hockey Club Csíkszereda.  

But there are good talented figure-skaters -for example Tünde Gál- and  speed-skaters too.

Also our “celebrities” are living in our memory, like Lajos Vákár (ice-hockyplayer), Róbert Kopacz (speedskater) and more….You can read more on  Benedek Gagyi’s blog and Szabolcs Antal’ blog.

I just mentioned that sport is very famous in this town -You never are bored! Just try to enjoy it! 🙂


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