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Meditation on “Eat, Pray, Love” June 26, 2009

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Speaking in all sincerity, I like very much to read…. I know: now You are thinking about where comes from thise theme. I can explain it immediately: A few days before I read a novel with the title “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elisabeth Gilbert -it was a bestseller in the USA (at the New York Times in 2006-it doesn’t matter). During the reading, I thought about that how much common similarity are in thise book and in my life -just in figurative sense.

Eat, Pray, Love“- a memoire of a woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia.

“At 32 years old, Gilbert was educated, had a home and a husband, and successful career as a writer. However, she was not happy; she was depressed with her marriage, often spending the night crying on her bathroom floor. She divorced her husband and entered into a relationship with another man, but this relationship did not work out either. She decided that she needed a change. She spent the next year traveling the world. She spent four months Italy, eating and enjoying life (Eat). She spent four months in India, trying to find her spirituality (Pray). She ended the year in Bali, Indonesia, looking for “balance” of the two, and love (Love).”

Of course, the  details don’t mach -I’m not an 32 old year unhappy woman, but I often try to find my soul-peace, I like to eat, to try different tastes, somthimes I pray to God, and finally  like to love and I like to be loved, too!

Okey, a nice story with a nice plot -but I’m thinking about, if  I would have been unhappy, it had been necessary to travel so far? I have my “pro”-s:  how I introduced my hometown, I have everything here for my sensuality and spiritual growth. I meen that, on our Walk Street, the Str.Petőfi – I ususally call just The Strasse (in german)- You can find pubs, restaurants and shops too. I refer actualy to the restaurants -altough this is just a little town- You can find mexican- (Bandido’s), italian- (San Gennaro) and a lot of traditional restaurants (Tosca, Renegade pizza,  Hockey Club, Alzo Restaurant, Korona). You just have to have place in your stomach to try and taste all them!  And with tasting we passed the mentioned memior’s first part 🙂 It wasn’t difficult, no? Just eat!

Is coming the 2nd one: the pray! Remember that here, in Csíkszereda is the Hungarian’s biggest Pilgrimage -usually there are over than 300,000 people who prays to the Virgin Mary on  Pantecost.

“Hundreds of thousands took part in the 442th Csíksomlyó pilgrimage in Transylvania on last weekend. The pentecostal event is the most popular religious festivity of Hungarians. In fact, it is the most popular event in the Hungarian speaking world despite the fact that Hungarians are one of the least religious peoples of the world.” -You can read more about Hungarian Pantecost at the following blog: http://central.blogactiv.eu/2008/05/13/pentecost-in-transylvania/

And the last one, the 3rd part is about Love! Love, what You can find here or not even….or You can refind – a non-fixed emotion, what is our innen power what we could give from God or from our  partners, parents, friends etc.   Love is an extremely powerful emotion; it can be irresistible and people are often bound to pursue their love interests. Love is a major theme in literature, poetry, and film – a major theme of our life!     Simply our life is  our agape!

Consequenty I did not want to make an advertising for this book, it was just a vision between living and reading. (I’m brave to  whisper to You, that this book wasn’t the best what I read ever, but I learnt about how other cultures see God – and it was good to realise it suddenly that people are different but also the same  in eat, pray,and love!


3 Responses to “Meditation on “Eat, Pray, Love””

  1. Hallo Zsu!

    Neha engem is Zsu-nak beceznek aki szeret.

    Nagyon orulok, hogy megtalaltalak, megpedig ugy, hogy kerestem a kapcsolatot az erdelyi Miko csalad es dednagyanyam, Miko Rozalia kozott.

    Ez a konyv egy evvel az en konyvem elott jelent meg, ti.i. irtam egy memoir-t 2007-ben, itt az USA-ban, Connecticut allamban. Az a cime, hogy: Gathering Roses, Thorns and All.

    Remelem, valaszolsz.


    • tzsuzsi Says:

      jo napot@
      Nagyon megorultem a levelednek, igazi meglepetes volt a szamomra.
      Kerestem a konyvedet online konyvterjesztoknel, itt Romaniaban, de sajnos nincs meg, pedig igazan erdekelt volna.
      Es kivancsi vagyok, sikerult ralelj a Miko rokonokra? Gondolkodtam, hogy milyen tanacsot adhatnek, talan segiteni is tudok, ha ugy gondolod hogy segitsegre van szukseged.

      Halogattam a valaszom, mert oszinten annyira le voltam dobbenve, hogy azt sem tudtam mit irhatnek 🙂
      Tul nagy tolakodasnak veszed ha megkerdem miota elsz az Allokaban, es mi reven kerultel ki? No es adtal meg ki konyvet 2007 utan?

      Lekoteleznel valaszaiddal.

      • Szia Zsu!

        Tegezodjunk, jo?

        Ebben a pillanatban fedeztem fel a valaszodat, espedig a Yahoo altal, ahol en is fen vagyok tuntetve. Ha van alkalmad, tekintsd meg a honlapomat: ZsuzsaSimandy.com. Remelem, tetszik.

        Tehat, l957-ben jottem ki kis csaladommal, mint kislany, a forradalom utan. Azota itt lakom, habar gyakran jarok Magyarorszagra, kulonosen amiota kis unokam, Chelsea Rose Chiappa, kepviseli Magyarorszagot a mukorcsolya palyan. Legutoljara a fiatalabbik unokam, Tori Chiappa, is reszt vett a bajnoksagon, a junior szinten.

        A konyvemet megtalalod az Amazon.com-on, ha megvan Nektek.

        Erdelyben sajnos meg nem jartam, habar tobb erdelyi baratom van itt, Connecticet-ben, es persze imadom az erdelyi szarmazasu irokat, koltoket, mesemondokat. Benedek Elektol ket fenykep is van a kis iro-studiom falan!

        Azota irtam egy masik konyvet, egy regenyt, Rendez-Vous a cime, es dolgozom egy harmadikon. A masodikat sajnos meg nem sikerult kiadnom, de igyekszem.

        Szeretnem Veled folytatni a kapcsolatot, ha Neked is megfelel, jo?


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