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Living in Csíkszereda (Miercurea-Ciuc)

Welcome! June 25, 2009

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Csíkszereda -in Hungarina, Miercurea-Ciuc –in Romanian, and  Szeklerburg –in German.

-My hometown, and the city where I grew up (partly).-

Welcome to my World!

If  You are a  curious visitor and You look up in some traveller books, You can find some informations about this city. This blog will be like a traveller book, but it will have a little difference: I am going to write about my city from MY view,I am going to write from my personal visual angle like how are the everydays in this city, in what kind of tradition am I  living here, what kind of  programs are here and not in least how can hold your ethnical origin.

A general traveller guid starts the presentation with the localization -I think it is a good point if You know from the beginning, where is located this city, and to be sure, I will tell You some infos about it- in generality:

  • Csíkszereda is situated in  Romania’s center, in the eastern Transylvania (historical region), between the volcanic range of the Hargita- and Csíki Mountins, in the central zone of the Csíki Depression enclosed by mountines. Near the city is flowing  the Olt river, it runs across in North-South direction. The city’s geographycal coordinates are 46°21′ north latitude and 25°48′ eastern longitude. It’s hight above sea level varies between 655-730 m. The city lies between the Olt river and the 1033 m high Great Somyló Mountain.
  • Csíkszereda at the distance

    Csíkszereda at the distance

    People say that this city is the most coldest in the country -I think it can be true, but because I used it, for me it doesn’t matter. But if You look up, the avarage temperature is of 16 °C in summer, and -5,9°C in winter (aproximately). The highest temperature was 35,5 °C in 1953  and the lowest one was of -40°C in 1977. Not for nothing people say that Csíkszereda is Romania’s Alaska (or Siebria).

    The froggy winter

    The foggy winter

    How is in the photo: there is no joke about our winters. The February is the most droughtly month, opposite with the rainy July. – Ladies and Gentlemens, look to this photo about our “Central Park” in winter! Do You have any doubt about my description?  But apart from everithing, my opinion is that winters in Csík have no comparison -it’s beautiful how the woods hold on themselves the whitest, shiniest and softest snow, because few people knew that the snow is wonderful and unique, and You can find everywhere where You are walking across in the city. Perhaps I’m a little bit prejudiced or narrow-minded but I can assure, if You spend a little time in Csíkszereda, You will tell the same about it!

  • This city has its own attractivity in other point of view too, of course: the post-volcanic activity is continued also in our days by carbo-gaseous table water -we just call it “borviz”- and mofettes (gaseous emanations of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide). The main sources of table waters are in Somlyó, Hargitafürdő (Hargita Spa is near the city in the mountain) and Zsögöd Spa, at the citie’s southest exit.In the city are some thermal water-basins too -for entertainment.Mofetta at Hargita Spa Mofetta at Hargita Spa

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